Centre for Motivation Research and Training (CeMRaT)



Centre for Motivation Research and Training (CeMRaT) is a nexus of researchers, academics, and associates who are interested in understanding and examining motivation and its correlates, especially in sport, exercise, and performance psychology domain.

We rely on a number of empirical methods to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of motivation in a range of different physical activities. Our researchers are based throughout the world, hail from reputed Universities, Institutes, and organisations, and cover a wide range of research interests.

CeMRaT also provides a platform for individuals and organizations who are interested in conducting research in this domain and/or in obtaining relevant cutting-edge training and evaluation. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to collaborate with the researchers or would like to obtain relevant training.


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leadership team

Professor Tony Morris

Leader & Co-Founder


Victoria University, Australia

Dr Dev Roychowdhury

Centre Manager & Co-Founder


DR ACADEMY, Australia


Current Projects

Motivational Profiling

PALMS-E (Extreme)

Measures of Motives Review



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Can I feature my research here?

Yes. Once you become a member, we will include your research papers here. 


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